At no extra cot, your entire album will be made available online for easy ordering of reprints. When asked for copies, simply direct your guests to a special secure website that I will set up for you. Your family and friends can view any image they wish and order with the credit card of their choice. Images remain online for 90 days.

The website allows them to select size, finish, border and quantity. The lab will process their order, print the photos and mail them out. Much appreciated by locals and out-of-towners alike, online ordering is event more convenient for you. Instead of compiling long lists of reprint orders, simply send your guests to the website, where the images will remain online for 90 days after they’re posted.

Along with the prints I provide, you will also receive a photo CD of every roll of film I shoot, including all shots from the Photo Booth. Each disk has an index print for quick reference. Since negatives are very fragile, having a backup on disk is a great way to protect your valuable images.

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